Live from the SETTdays with Sara Bruun

The challenges and opportunities of digitisation – a conversation with Karin Nygårds, Patrica Diaz and Camilla Askebäck Diaz

Setdagarna, Scandinavia’s largest school fair, is now over. Intensive days where great learning exchanges could finally take place in real life and not just behind a screen. Guests Karin Nygårds, Patricia Diaz and Camilla Askebäck Diaz came to stand A:29 for a conversation with Sara Bruun.

It was a light-hearted conversation about the challenges and opportunities of digitalisation. The call was broadcast live in the booth hence not a tiptop quality of the picture. But the most important thing is that what is said gets through, isn’t it?

Below you can listen to the conversation, which we hope will spark some thoughts in you.

If you do, or if you are a student with dyslexia, we recommend you listen to the Dyslexia Podcast. It is Sweden’s largest podcast about dyslexia and it is run by the Parents’ Association for Dyslexic Children.

In this episode, Sara Bruun talks to Alma and Fanny from DyssePodden about digital tools, air mattress pedagogy, tips for keeping your energy up while studying and much more. If you also use Trelson in your teaching, you will get concrete tips on how to make teaching easier for your students.

Listen to an hour of thought-provoking and engaging school talk!

DYSSEPODDEN section 53


As we have been waiting for the feature to be able to import Google forms into Trelson Assessment! Now it is possible!

You can import an existing form and leave it as it is or build on it and modify it as you wish.

Trelson has a number of additional features that are not available in Google Forms. Watch the video at the bottom to learn which ones and how you can use gap text or let students mark on pictures.

A really great feature is also that you can add auto rectification. Who doesn’t want to avoid correction and let the computer do the work instead?

Click on the link Import Google Forms to Trelson – this is how you do it

If you’d rather watch an instructional video, you can do so below. 8 minutes and you know this!