A letter from Jonatan Brown, Chief Executive Officer

April 2024

I was less than a year into my role as responsible for the development of the Trelson products when I got the opportunity to step up and take on the responsibility as CEO for the newly formed company Trelson.

Though short, that year made it an easy decision. Never before have I worked with people more driven by purpose and motivated by making a positive impact.

Trelson exists because we want to make life better and easier for students, teachers and IT-Administrators. We are convinced that we, through digitalization, can create a more fair, more focused, and more efficient environment for teaching and learning. At the same time we recognize that digitalization is a means to an end, it should never become a goal in and of itself. We strive to create tools that make it easy to gain the benefits of digitalization, while at the same time avoiding the potentially negative side effects. This is a conviction that guides us in everything we do, from product design, through implementation, sales and support.

Over the last decade Trelson has been successfully introduced to a great number of teachers and students, mostly in Sweden and the UK. That has allowed us to see, first hand, the positive effects Trelson can bring. What personally motivates me the most is the challenge and opportunity of bringing fairness, focus and efficiency in education to a much wider audience. To indeed show the rest of the world what we have already seen.

Jonatan Brown

Jonatan Brown, CEO

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