Sackville School

The school was founded in 1859 as a national church school. Originally on De la Warr Road, where Chequer Mead lies today, in 1951 the school was renamed Sackville and in 1964, it was moved to its current location on Lewes Road. 1970 saw the school’s first comprehensive intake, following the rapidly growing local housing estate building developments. In 2004, Sackville’s name was changed back from Sackville Community College to Sackville School. Today Sackville School has 1700 students including 400 in the 6th form.

We use Trelson for students with exam concession in GCSE, A-Levels and Mocks, also for student controlled assessments in Btecs on mainly Chromebooks, but occasionally some PCs. We wanted to improve access to exams for students with exam concessions and started using Trelson Assessment, a quick, easy, efficient and secure way to deliver exams to our students.

Bill Lewis, IT Department at Sackville School

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