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Gleerups and Trelson in new collaboration

Gleerups and Trelson have embarked on a collaboration that involves offering pre-prepared exams from Gleerups’ digital educational resources available to import into Trelson Assessment. Moreover, users will have the option to utilize Gleerups’ digital learning materials in a secure mode using Trelson Focus.

In many of Gleerups’ digital learning materials, associated pre-prepared exams are available. Through this new collaboration, those exams are possible to import into Trelson Assessment and can be used by teachers with access to both Trelson and Gleerups’ digital learning material.

– Trelson has a good tool to create, edit and conduct assignments and exams. Many teachers use their services. Gleerups digital teaching material has a high usage in schools, and we know many appreciate the pre-prepared exams available in the digital learning materials. This collaboration feels exciting since it will provide even more value and save time for teachers using both services, says Marcus Ander, Gleerups.

Another advantage is that teachers themselves can edit the exams imported from Gleerups digital learning materials and share with their colleagues within Trelson, Marcus continues.

The collaboration between Trelson and Gleerups increases accessibility for students:

– By using Trelson Assessment in combination with Gleerups digital learning material, the whole process of learning becomes more accessible. Students with, for example, dyslexia can, through the help of Trelson, record their voice and answer orally on exam questions, which is usable for both teachers and students. It is important that all students are given the necessary conditions to be successful in school, says Sara Bruun, product specialist at Trelson.

The tests that are possible to import into Trelson exist for multiple subjects within Gleerups’ digital learning material for grades 4-9.

Right now tests are available for English, Social Sciences and Biology for the entire grade 4-9 and also Physics and Chemistry for grades 7-9. More exams will be created continuously for other subjects.

Minimize digital distractions for the students

Trelson Focus is a service that helps teachers minimize digital distractions for students by blocking access to unwanted services on their devices so that the students can completely focus on learning.

–This adds a bonus for teachers using Gleerups digital learning materials and Trelson helps students to use the materials in a focused mode free from distractions, says Marcus.

– When teachers and students use Trelson, they don’t need to choose between paper or screen! They can reap the benefits of digital tools while swiftly and easily reducing the drawbacks of the digital environment, Sara asserts.

About Trelson Assessment

Trelson Assessment is a solution for creating, distributing, and conducting digital exams and assessments. Trelson Assessment is an intuitive platform that saves time for teachers and increases student engagement with features including digital exams, device lockdown for increased focus, automated grading, customizable and shareable templates, and analysis tools.

About Trelson AB

Trelson AB develops innovative solutions for the education sector that improve how knowledge is transferred, assessed, and managed, with the aim of making learning more accessible, efficient, and engaging for both teachers and students.

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About Gleerups

Gleerups is one of Sweden’s leading actors for successful learning. Building upon a strong pedagogical platform and a clear user focus, we aim to contribute to creating the world’s best school and university. Through active and close collaboration with teachers, students, school leaders, and researchers, we develop innovative tools for successful learning.

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