Digital exams with Assessment: A perfect match for Spectrum International School Malaysia

About Spectrum International School Malaysia

Spectrum International School was established in Malaysia in 2016 and is today operating two campus areas in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya with more than 500 students from pre-school to secondary school. The programs and qualifications are based on the world acknowledged Cambridge standards. The academic framework is built on the Cambridge International Examination and the Egypt-based Tajan Azharian Institute curricula.

The Tajan Azharian Language Institutes has since then provided thousands of students with high-quality Islamic education. The Tajan Azharian delivers a high standard of academics thanks to highly qualified teachers, great facilities for learning and an active community that supports the institute.

Assesment – a perfect match

From the early beginning, Spectrum International Schools in Malaysia decided that all teaching must have access to digital tools. Today, Google Workspace for Education is the backbone of the schools’ education programmes and they have a mixed computer environment of Chromebooks and PCs. In 2018 Spectrum International Schools start using Google Forms for exams and quizzes.

When the pandemic broke out, it became clear that they needed a more accessible, reliable and secure solution for handling digital exams and assessments. Spectrum International School found that Assessment was a perfect match thanks to smart, well structured solution

  • specifically tailored to Google Workspace for Education
  • easy to learn, handle and administrate
  • reduced workload for teachers
  • ability to proctor via Google Meet
  • accessible everywhere, wherever the students are
  • price based on number of students using it
  • the ongoing development of new features
  • a very responsive support team