Committed to student success

At Trelson, we understand that effective learning begins with minimizing distractions and tailoring education to individual student needs. Guided by this principle, we proudly present Trelson Assessment — a platform designed to simplify teaching, adapt to unique student requirements, and enhance learning in an engaging manner.

For over a decade, we’ve empowered hundreds of thousands of educators and students for a world increasingly dependent on technology. In addition to Trelson Assessment, we offer a suite of Google-compatible tools that address the challenges of modern schools. Explore our diverse range of solutions, including Trelson Class Manager and Trelson Mail Switch, each crafted to elevate the educational experience for educators, administrators, and students worldwide.

In our commitment to nurturing the individuals shaping our future, we strive to provide optimal conditions for learning, understanding, and independence.

Trelson Assessment Assistive Technology