Quote illustrated on the image: Trelson aims to offer extra value for all students, with a particular focus on supporting those with diverse needs.

Trelson – to some extent an untapped treasure chest?


13th of june 2024

Part of my job is to assist with Trelson’s support. It often starts with an email about a technical question that the teacher wants help with and ends with a pedagogical discussion where the teacher receives advice on how Trelson can be used in various ways. What is important for us at Trelson is that it is not just a platform for exams. Trelson should provide added value for all students in general, but especially for students with disabilities.

When I work in support, I learn a lot about how Trelson is used and what you, as teachers and special education teachers, know about Trelson. I observe that Trelson is still mostly used for exams and that we haven’t fully succeeded in reaching you regarding how you can use Trelson in teaching.

Here we need help!

How can we go about reaching all the way out to you as a teacher and special education teacher? How will you get to know, learn, and be able to use the features with your students? Tell us how!

Because it’s a bit crazy, isn’t it? We have a lot of features, but they don’t always reach you, the teachers. Trelson is not just an exam platform. We keep harping on about this! It’s like a Swiss army knife for teachers, but it seems like several of you don’t know that. Or perhaps you do know, but haven’t had time to learn how Trelson works?

A rainy summer day

We absolutely understand that you have a lot to do, but IF there happens to be a rainy day this summer, dedicate an hour or two to learning how to use Trelson in your teaching!

Learn to let students record their discussions, use split view and reading guide, utilize the feedback module, and much more. It will make things easier for both you and your students when school starts again in the fall.

Now we would like to know – how do you think we should reach out to you?

Please comment anonymously below and feel free to share your experiences and thoughts!

Together, we can unlock the treasure chest and utilize Trelson to the fullest – for the sake of the students.