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Promoting Learning with AI and Trelson Assessment



Published May 8 2024

What do our students learn, and how do we know?

In today’s schools, teachers face a challenge posed by rapidly emerging artificial intelligence (AI). The discussion on how to handle AI, especially considering tools like Chat GPT, is hotly debated in teacher lounges worldwide. Instead of being overwhelmed by this technology, we must embrace it and view it as an opportunity rather than a hindrance. However, with opportunity comes concern.

As a teacher, if you use, for example, study questions and expect students to write answers to learn specific content, how do you ensure that learning takes place?

Limit the access to the internet

Using Trelson to lock the computer’s access to the internet can be an effective strategy to maintain students’ focus and promote learning. Students must think for themselves and cannot simply copy answers. When students work on writing assignments, teachers can use Trelson to lock down the computers and ensure that students focus on developing their thoughts and ideas without distractions from the internet. By creating a structured and focused environment, students are “forced” to use their brains. The facts pass through the brain and become lasting knowledge.

Regarding the use of AI to facilitate learning, teachers can take advantage of various tools, such as creating multiple-choice questions based on a video clip or text, and then exporting them to Trelson. The teacher then adds automatic grading. It’s done in minutes. By using smart digital tools, teachers save time. Time that the teacher can spend planning the instruction well and thoughtfully.

Successful students in an increasingly digitised world

In summary, by embracing technology and integrating it intelligently into teaching, we can create an environment that promotes learning and supports students’ development. By using digital tools to lock the computer’s access to the internet and, where it makes a difference, leveraging AI technology to enhance learning, we can provide students with the tools to be successful and independent in an increasingly digitised world.

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