Assigning assistive tools just got easier: Now you can preset customizations!

We’re excited to introduce the possibility to preset customizations, a new addition designed to simplify the process of providing assistive tools to selected students during exams and assignments conducted in Trelson Assessment. This is a feature that educators, especially in the UK, have awaited to ease the workload when preparing exams.

Addressing UK educators’ needs

UK educators, particularly exam officers, have long sought a solution to reduce the administrative task involved in selecting assistive tools for students during exams, such as Speech-to-text, Spell check, custom background colors and more. In response, we’ve introduced preset customizations, allowing administrators and advanced teachers to predefine customizations for selected students.

The range of our assistive tools

Trelson Assessment offers a variety of assistive tools tailored for Special Education. The teacher or exam officer chooses which assistive tools should be accessible to all students, and which should be accessible for only selected ones. We encourage their use whenever possible, as they provide invaluable support for the learning journey. Our portfolio of assistive tools includes a reading guide, text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and more. If you want to know more, head over to our feature page.

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