Trelson Assessment for digital examinations in the UK

Welcome to Trelson Assessment, an application designed to streamline the examination process for educational institutions across the United Kingdom. Tailored specifically for teachers and examination officers, our platform offers a robust, user-friendly solution that caters to both internal and external exams. Whether you’re managing assessments for A-levels, GCSEs, or BTECs, Trelson Assessment provides a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance the examination experience for all.

trelson assessment digital exams

Catering to a wide range of exams

Whether you’re conducting A-level exams, GCSEs, or BTECs, Trelson Assessment is equipped to handle a variety of examination formats. Our platform is designed with the UK education system in mind, ensuring that your school can administer any type of exam with confidence and ease.

Accessibility and flexibility

Accessibility is at the heart of Trelson Assessment. Our platform ensures that every student, including those requiring additional support, can easily navigate and complete their exams. Moreover, Trelson Assessment’s flexibility allows for a wide range of question types and multimedia resources, catering to diverse learning and assessment strategies.

Cross-device compatibility

Trelson Assessment is designed to work seamlessly across different platforms, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This ensures that students can take their exams on their preferred devices, in school or remotely, without any hassle.

Total lockdown for security

Security is paramount during examinations. Trelson Assessment features a complete computer lockdown mode, preventing students from accessing external websites, applications, or files during an exam. This guarantees the integrity of the assessment process and helps uphold academic standards.