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Explore a variety of Trelson Assessment courses, each designed to fit different needs. All courses are led by our product specialists, who are teachers themselves, experienced in using Trelson Assessment in their own classroom. Contact sales if you are interested in purchasing any of the courses.

 Startup course

Get started with Trelson Assessment

Online, 2 h

To kickstart your journey with the tool, we offer a startup course that ensures you have the right foundation to quickly master Trelson Assessment. The course also includes a hands-on session where participants work in the tool with guidance from the instructor.

The fundamentals

Why to use Trelson Assessment daily

Online, 1 h

Improve your staff’s confidence in Trelson Assessment. Our instructor will walk you through the tool, breaking down each step. Learn how to use the tool in daily teaching to keep distractions away, and gain practical insights. By the end of the course, participants will be ready to go.