News in Trelson Assessment April 2021

The Trelson Assessment is growing like wildfire and is now being used in several countries around the world. New features are being added all the time to make it easier for students, teachers and schools to take digital tests easily and securely.

Här är ett par exempel på de senaste nyheterna:

Nya typsnitt

Students can choose from additional easy-to-read fonts: Adys Font, Open Dyslexic and Lexend.

Visa en fråga i taget

To help students focus on one question at a time, the student can choose to view one question at a time instead of all in a row. Questions can also be marked so that the student can go back to them later.

Skriv och rita

Now you can add a new type of question where the student can draw or write their answers. Specially designed for devices with a touch screen, but also works on devices without one.

You can find the full list of news in our version history.