Trelson Assessment

Take a step into the future and start creating, administering and evaluating your exams – completely digitally.

Trelson Assessment Test

Trelson Assessment is built for Google for Education, creating a seamless user experience for both teachers and students. Just install the admin client and log in to your Google account and you’re up and running with the cloud-based solution. Welcome to a simpler everyday life!

A stable platform

Over 1,500,000 submissions without system downtime – Trelson Assessment is based on and uses Google Cloud Platform. It gives you a safe, scalable and secure infrastructure with the highest possible security environment.

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Good tools for teacher & student

Log in to your regular Google G-workspace account and create, administer and evaluate tests directly in your browser. The user experience will be straightforward, familiar and intuitive for both teachers and students.

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Minimize cheating

Put students’ computers in lockdown mode during the task or test and monitor their work in real time. You also have the option to add digital resources such as text files, images and YouTube clips to your digital tests and questionnaires.

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What are the requirements for a digital test system?

Here you will find the long list of all the features that Trelson Assessment offers.


Experience a safe, scalable and secure infrastructure in Google Cloud Platform’s highest security environment.

Writing assignments, homework questions, exams and national tests – Trelson Assessment is the leading Nordic application for knowledge reporting in Google schools. Everything takes place in a familiar user environment for effective learning and intuitive interaction. At the same time, Trelson Assessment contributes to a smoother assessment process, less rework and a reduced workload for teachers and educators. And because Trelson Assessment is built on Google’s infrastructure, there’s no need for complicated integration projects. For the domain administrator, the installation takes just 2 minutes – the rest can log in with their usual google accounts and get started right away.

To help the student stay focused in class, but also to minimise cheating, Trelson Assessment automatically locks down the computer as soon as the student starts the assignment or test. It prevents the student from searching for information online or communicating with other students. As a teacher, you can add digital resources to the test, such as. audio, photos and Youtube clips or anything from Google Drive. Trelson Assessment automatically ensures that students’ access settings are correct once you have shared a resource that students need during the test. Other ways to prevent cheating are that Trelson Assessment has a random answer feature and you can monitor the student through video.

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