Can you do things that are already good – even better? Since 2016, we’ve been developing industry-leading apps and tools for the education community that bring additional functionality to Google Workspace for Education. The journey has been fast and today our cloud-based solutions are used by hundreds of thousands of teachers and students in Google schools around the world. Take the next step in your digital journey and get the most out of Google Workspace for Education.

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Trelson Assessment

Create, administer, evaluate tests and prevent cheating by locking students’ computers. A strong focus on accessibility provides a level playing field for all students.

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Class Manager

Get structure and order in managing Google Classroom. Enjoy multiple automated features for easier management of large classes throughout their school life.

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Pushing student engagement and motivation through gamification. Thanks to the gamification of Google Classroom, Bossfight creates positive emotions about school work among students.

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Are you in a mixed environment with Workspace, Classroom and Microsoft Outlook as your email client? With MailSwitch, you’re no longer tied to Gmail when you use Google Workspace.

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