Features in Trelson Class Manager

Trelson Class Manager offers an easy and intuitive user experience. The start menu is clearly designed to support different roles that exist in school. Below is a description of how you can use Trelson Class Manager for easier administration of classes in Google Classroom.

Features for Teachers

All users with authorization: Teachers, Support staff, Administrators and Super administrators have access to the Teachers overview. The basic configuration is that all teachers in Google Classroom have Teacher permission. The start page shows an overview of the classes in Google Classroom that have been assigned to or where the teacher is active, as well as classes that are both connected or not connected to a Google group. The overview offers several options:

  • Create and connect classes to Google groups
  • Synchronize members of a Google Group with lists of names in a Google Classroom
  • Activation of provisioned classes
  • Create new classes
  • Create uniform naming standard for classes
  • Automated features for bulk administration

Functions for Support Staff

There are self-service features for support staff, where they can search for all classes their students are connected to, and add/remove themselves from their students’ classes. Support staff can mark their students and create lists for easier management.

Functions for Substitute teachers

The self-service features for substitute teachers include, among other things, a search function where substitutes can find and add/remove themselves from the classes where they are to be teachers and an overview that shows information about the classes where the substitute teacher is involved.

Features for Administrators

Administrators and Super Administrators have permission to connect any teacher’s Google Classroom to any Google Group in the domain. In addition, there are several options for managing teachers, students, classes and groups.

Features for Orphaned classes

Orphaned classes are classes that remain in the system but have no teacher or other responsible person assigned to them. Administrators and Super Administrators have permission to manage orphaned classes.

An overview shows all orphaned classes with the possibility of detailed information about the status of the classes as well as functions to administer them.


A Super Administrator manages the permissions of other administrators, support staff and substitute teachers. The super admin can add/remove permissions by adding/deleting users and groups.

  • Enable scheduled automatic archiving of all courses in the domain
  • Enable multiple course connections to a Google group
  • Enable synchronizing group membership to a classroom (i.e. when a user is removed from group, it will be removed from classroom as well)
  • Set automatic scanning for orphaned courses