Tools for increased focus in daily teaching

Trelson Assessment is not just for digital tests but is also a very useful tool in your daily teaching. When you have students who find it difficult to concentrate in class and instead play games and watch YouTube, you can use the tools in Trelson Assessment to minimize their digital distraction. You can download an add-on and launch Trelson Assessment directly from Google Classroom. You’ll keep all your assignments and flow in Google Classroom just like you normally do, except that students will work in a locked space. You decide which websites and other digital resources your students can access. By locking your students’ computers and allowing them to access only the websites you allow, you can help them focus on the right things and maintain their concentration. For example, you can add the split screen view feature, with instructions on the right and a writing area to the left and by using the text-to-speech features, students improve their writing.