Good tools for teacher & student

Using the Trelson Assessment is easy. You can get started quickly without spending hours on training. One of our key design ideas is to ensure that the application is intuitive to use with an interface that is familiar to students and teachers. Taking exams digitally with Trelson Assessment is so convenient, you’ll never use paper again.

The installation is a quick procedure that takes 2 minutes for the domain administrator. Because Trelson Assessment is built on Google’s infrastructure, there’s no need for accounts or complicated integration projects. You install the App – nothing more.

After installation and a 15-minute introduction, teachers can start creating tests. We use Google’s design principles and have been inspired by Google Classroom. Even first-time users of Trelson Assessment will recognise the look and appreciate the simplicity of using the app. Trelson Assessment supports the entire testing process and includes features to manage the teacher’s work before, during and after the test, exam or homework assignment.