Plympton Academy to use Trelson Assessment for our GCSE and A Level exams.

Trelson Assessment is a secure, controlled environment to support the students who require access arrangements as part of their exam support.

Sackville School improves access to exams

Sackville Shool wanted to improve access to exams for students with exam concessions and started using Trelson Assessment, a quick, easy, efficient and secure way to deliver exams to the students.

Trelson Assessment – a perfect match for Spectrum International School

When the pandemic broke out, it became clear that they needed a more accessible, reliable and secure solution for handling digital exams and assessments. Spectrum International School found that Trelson Assessment was a perfect match thanks to smart, well structured solution.

The Cooper School is introducing Trelson Assessment to ensure a safe exam environment

In March 2021, The Cooper School introduced Trelson Assesment to ensure a secure environment for digital exams.