Trelson Assessment

Digital tool for tests and teaching support.

If your school is using Google for Education, Trelson Assessment is the best choice for digital tests! But, Trelson is not just for tests. Since Trelson is easy to use, minimizes digital distraction and supports assistive technology such as text-to-speech it is highly recommended to use Trelson in your daily teaching. Developed on Google’s secure, stable platform, the user experience is uncomplicated, familiar and intuitive.

Trelson Assessment is full of smart functions for teachers and students!

Developed for and integrated with Google for Education for stability, security and usability.

Digital tests and assignments – easy and secure

Tests, quizzes, examinations, national exams and assignments – Trelson Assessment is a digital tool for knowledge assessment and tasks that contains a lot of smart features that support both teachers and students.

Tools for increasing focus during lessons

Trelson Assessment includes tools for every lesson to help minimize students’ digital distractions, help them focus and keep up their concentration.

Features that help both teachers and students

Every student can be successful in the classroom. Trelson Assessment contains a large and varied range of assistive technology that contributes to inclusive teaching and reinforces students’ strengths.

Developed by teachers

Trelson Assessment’s developers are certified by Google and the development team includes people with extensive experience as teachers, school leaders, ICT strategists and system administrators. They have a good understanding of the requirements and needs in the schools to create and implement digital tests in a simple, safe and fair way.

Trelson Assessment works in all environment

The application can be used in e.g. Chrome OS, IOS and Windows together with Google Workspace for Education.

Used worldwide

  • Launched in 2016
  • 2.7+ million submissions
  • 160 000 active students
  • Translated into 12 languages
  • Users in 35+ countries

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What features are available in Trelson Assessment?

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Google Cloud Platform delivers the highest security and stability

More than 2,000,000 submissions without complications. You can be sure that Trelson Assessment will work. No student has ever suffered from their work not being saved or unable to be submitted. Thanks to the underlying infrastructure of the Google Cloud Platform, Trelson Assessment delivers impressive stability with a historical uptime of 99.9%.

Automatic scalability

Trelson Assessment is designed for automatic scalability. Even if you have tens of thousands of students taking a test at the same time, you can always be sure that it will run smoothly and without disruption.

Get started quickly

Because Trelson Assessment uses Google’s infrastructure, which is familiar to both teachers and students, there is no need for complicated integration projects or training activities. For the domain administrator, installation takes just 2 minutes – then users can log in with their Google accounts and get started straight away.

More focus on teaching – less cheating

To help the student stay focused when doing tests and assignments in daily class, Trelson Assessment automatically locks the computer as soon as the student starts the test or assignment. It prevents the student from searching for information online or communicating with other students. You can add digital resources to the test or to a lesson, such as audio, images and Youtube clips or files from Google Drive. Trelson Assessment automatically ensures that students’ access settings are correct once you have shared a resource that students need during the test or lesson. Another way to help the student focus on the task and prevent cheating, is that Trelson Assessment has a random answer option feature.

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